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Celtic Crossroads: Bog & Barley + The Lowland Paddies

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

This will be the start of a new blog series, Celtic Crossroads, where we review a local Memphis establishment and spotlight some great Celtic music. We hope you enjoy our first blog in this series.


East Memphis just got a little more interesting with the opening of Jamie and DJ Naylor's new upscale Irish restaurant, the Bog & Barley. Located in the Regalia Shopping center, this family-owned and operated establishment is committed to honoring their Irish heritage in everything they do. With head chef Reny Alfonso leading the kitchen, the Bog & Barley is serving up some delicious signature dishes that are sure to impress.

One of the standout dishes is the Salmon Caviar Deviled Eggs. This appetizer takes a classic favorite and elevates it to new heights by adding a touch of luxury with caviar. For the main course, the Newman Farm Pork Porterhouse with Irish Cider Reduction is a must-try. The pork is cooked to perfection and the cider reduction adds a nice touch of sweetness to balance out the savory flavors. The Irish Root Vegetable Soup is another winner, packed with hearty vegetables and warm spices that are perfect for any day. For dessert, the Warm Irish Bread Pudding is a crowd favorite. The pudding is rich and creamy, and the warm bread adds a comforting touch that's hard to resist. These are just a few items from their stellar menu which can be found here:

And let's not forget about the signature crafted cocktails and top notch whiskeys from around the globe. With a wide variety of options to choose from, whiskey lovers are sure to find something that suits their tastes.

What sets the Bog & Barley apart from other restaurants is their commitment to their Irish heritage. From the decor in the dining room to the music that fills the air, every detail has been carefully chosen to reflect their roots. The name Bog & Barley itself is a nod to two important aspects of Irish culture - the bog, which is an important natural resource in Ireland, and barley, the primary grain used in making whiskey.

As a family-owned and operated business, the Bog & Barley takes great pride in their roots and works hard to honor them in everything they do. The result is a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you feel right at home.

This month, our musical spotlight shines on The Lowland Paddies, a Dutch band with a passion for Irish trad. The group, made up of experienced musicians who fell in love with traditional Irish music as teenagers, infuses fresh, contemporary elements into their performances. Their repertoire blends lively jigs and reels with heartfelt ballads and waltzes, offering a dynamic and engaging musical experience. The Lowland Paddies have entertained audiences in folk clubs, pubs, and festivals across the Netherlands, as well as in Sweden, Belgium, and Germany. Their travels have also allowed them to incorporate Scandinavian and Baltic influences into their music.

In this month's spotlight, we're sharing an older recording of the band playing a four reel set consisting of The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Dan Breen's Reel, The Ashplant, and The Boys of Malin. The band's current lineup includes Jasper Langenberg on button accordion and vocals, Robbert Langenberg on banjo, mandolin, and vocals, Anneke Eijkelboom on fiddle, and Jiroh Matulessy on guitar.

For more on The Lowland Paddies be sure to check them out @

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