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Your Time Is Now.

The City of Memphis Pipe Band is calling out to all pipers and drummers, from seasoned veterans to brand new students with a passion for music, to join us as we embark on an exciting journey into the 2024 season.

We had an amazing 2023 competition season with the band securing 3rd place in the American Grade 5 Championships as well as a Top 6 placing at the Stone Mountain Highland Games, one of the largest contests in the United States—achievements that speak volumes about the passion and skill that define our band.

The 2024 season is currently looking to take us to the following competitions across the country with more being considered:

  • Midwest Pipe Band Championships - Chicago, IL

  • Middle TN Highland Games - Hendersonville, TN

  • American Grade 5 Championships - Broken Arrow, OK

  • Stone Mountain Highland Games - Atlanta, GA

Our success is no accident; it is the result of the relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to preserving the rich tradition of Celtic music. We are honored to have World Champion J. Reid Maxwell as our band coach, drumming instructor, and the creative mind behind our tenor, bass, and snare music. With his guidance and expertise, you can expect nothing less than top-notch instruction that will elevate your skills to new heights.

Whether you're a seasoned piper or drummer looking for a fresh start and an opportunity to grow with an exceptional team, or if you're a newcomer eager to learn the enchanting art of the bagpipes and drums, we invite you to be a part of the City of Memphis Pipe Band family.

Here's what you can expect when you join us:

  • Expert band guidance from J. Reid Maxwell, a renowned figure in the world of pipe and drum music.

  • A warm and welcoming community of musicians who share your passion.

  • The chance to showcase your talent at local events and national competitions.

  • A unique opportunity to preserve and celebrate Celtic heritage through music.

At the City of Memphis Pipe Band, we believe that music has the power to unite, inspire, and uplift. We are not just a band; we are a family bonded by our love for the bagpipes and drums. Together, we create unforgettable melodies and carry on a tradition that spans generations.

If you're ready to embrace the challenge, immerse yourself in the world of Celtic music, and be a part of a band that is destined for greatness, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Join us in making 2024 a season of growth.

Your time is now; make it count.

To express your interest or to learn more about joining the City of Memphis Pipe Band, please contact us at or 901.616.1564. You can also visit our website for additional information and to get a taste of our music.

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