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Circle Up.

As we bid farewell to 2023, we're filled with pride over our accomplishments and brimming with excitement for the future. Here's a Quick Look back on this past year and a preview of the promising road ahead:

Leading the Way:

We had the esteemed privilege of leading the British Consulate General down Historic Beale Street, a moment that underscored our cultural impact in Memphis.

Memorable Performances:

Our tunes resonated at the Grand Opening of Memphis’ top new pub Bog and Barley.  Being named the official band of Bog this year, we also had the privilege of piping the first bottle at their inaugural Barrel Pick with Old Dominick Distillery!

Top 25 Ranking:

Marking our consistent excellence, we once again secured a spot in the Top 25 of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association for the second consecutive year.

National Championship Success:

We celebrated a significant achievement by clinching 3rd place at the United States Pipe Band Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Welcoming New Talent:

This year we have been excited to welcome 7 members into the family moving up from student status; 3 new bagpipers, 2 new snare drummers, and 2 new tenor drummers. Their energy and talent have already started to leave a mark on our performances and community.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

With these milestones behind us, we eagerly step into 2024. We look forward to embracing new students, members, and a diverse range of music. The coming year is all about growth, community, and the joy of music.

Interested in learning the pipes or drums? It’s time to #CircleUp | Join us on this exciting journey as we blend tradition with innovation, aiming to make every performance a memorable one.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon be announcing new partnerships, upcoming performances and our projected competition schedule for the coming year.

Here's to a stellar 2024!

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