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Any successful organization operates best and with the most longevity when it‘s members work with a team mentality, each filling a needed role and striving to fulfill long-term goals. Here’s a few steps that can help give your organization the best chance to succeed:


Bringing in members just to fill the ranks often times can have a detrimental affect on your organization. Having a more thorough selection process for picking your band mates has greater long-term benefits, even if this means you spend more time recruiting than you’d like to. Invest more time and effort in members and prospective members who share that same work ethic and goals as your organization.


One of the best ways to demonstrate value throughout your organization is through open communication. It can be hard to feel like you are part of a team when everyone has information that hasn’t been shared with you yet or when band mates don’t fill each other in on what they’re working on. Keep a level of transparency whenever possible with all team members, even if the information doesn’t directly pertain to every person on your team.


Setting short and long-term goals with your team becomes the foundation for every task they set out to complete each day. Being enthusiastic about the outcome and motivating each other with positive reinforcement will help your team members to make sure that they work with a sense of the big picture, knowing why every task they do is necessary for achieving a longer-term goal. It’s important to note that these goals should be realistic so that your organization doesn’t feel like you are working towards something unobtainable. Having milestones and deadlines can give team members opportunities to help each other out and band together for success.


Celebrating when you achieve your goals brings your team together and allows everyone to see that when they work together, great things can happen. If someone does a great job at something, give them a shout out in front of the rest of the team so that every effort is seen and appreciated. This also helps each person to feel visible and that what they’re doing has an impact. On the flip side, if your team fails at something, come together to redirect your efforts or turn it into something positive. Don’t throw anyone under the bus or turn a damage-control discussion into a blame game. This never helps anybody. Instead, give your team equal responsibility to put your heads together and figure out the next steps or pivots.


Being a part of a team is a privilege, not a right. When you join an organization you must give 100% towards the success of the group. Check egos at the door, don’t be selfish and give your best. You should be fully invested in the team. You will be a great team player if you can show others that you believe in the group, the process and the goals. This sort of positivity can radically increase morale and productivity.

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